Project Wittenberg

RE: Wittenberg Project & the efforts of Rev. Robert Smith

LMS-USA is profoundly grateful for the efforts of the Concordia Theological Seminary Library (Walther Library), Fort Wayne, Indiana and Rev. Robert Smith for making available for public access such a large portion of Luther Works and The Symbolical Books of the Lutheran Confessions (The Book of Concord).

Our LMS-USA references to the various Lutheran Confessional writings are in most cases, directly linked to the Lutheran Confessional Writings graciously made available through the dedicated efforts of Rev. Smith and Project Wittenberg. Folks using the LMS-USA Web site are encouraged to express a word of appreciation to Pastor Smith and to Project Wittenberg. Any desiring to make contact or to peruse the extensive Project Wittenberg Luther and Lutheran Confession resourses may do so by E-Mailing or by utilizing the following URL:

Project Wittenberg: