Pastoral Training

FOR SEMINARY GRADUATES - Upon application and interview we will determine if we feel there is a need for additional study in some particular area. Normally this requirement will be met through assigned readings under tutorage of one of our Seminary staff or one of our pastors with strengths in that particular area of concern.

FOR A PROSPECTIVE PASTOR WITH SOME OR WITH NO SEMINARY TRAINING, BUT WHO WISHES TRAINING IN AN ACCREDITED INSTITUTION - The LMS leadership will work with this individual in selecting a school, and in the incorporation into that seminary program a mentoring program with an LMS pastor, to see that the study and the practical work experience fits our understanding of doctrine and practice of ministry.

FOR THE OLDER, OR FOR THE SECOND OR THIRD CAREER INDIVIDUAL - We will work with this individual through our Seminary to see that life experience, an assigned course of study, and a one-on-one mentoring with one of our experienced parish pastors, will equip such a one for effective parish ministry.

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Educational Resources

We have recently made a number of additions to our Subscriptional Documents -- including many classic Lutheran texts:

Plus, we've got some Hotlinks from the Web.